A problem with autocomplete function

Google’s Autocomplete Gone Awry, Caroline Winter, Business Week (Sept 14)

Google’s autocomplete comes under fire for perpetuating bad – even libelous – information about individuals. The suggestions are based on actual searches, but should Google screen for them?

“Google the name of Germany’s former first lady, Bettina Wulff, and the first autocomplete terms that pop up are “escort,” “prostituierte,” and “rotlicht.” The last two terms, as you may have guessed, are German for “prostitute” and “red light.”

Understandably upset by these results, Wulff is suing the search giant, saying its autocomplete function perpetuates rumors that she once worked as a lady of the night.”

Research Tools

Conquer Your Next Research Project The Easy Way With These Tools, Aarun Couch, Make Use Of (Dec 1)

Excellent how-to article on managing research – the approach (you need a plan), and tools for saving, collecting, and organizing your discoveries. It takes discipline but will save time later.

Tools mentioned that I know are very good – Evernote and OneNote for gathering content. Diigo and Xmarks for bookmarks.

Article mentions several others. Also consider sharing features to the tools. One rarely works on research alone – there may be colleagues whom you would like to be in the loop.