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Bing’s Desktop Search

The Next Version of Bing Desktop Now Available: Expands Language Availability and Support for All Versions of Windows (XP and Higher), Bing Blog (Dec 13)

You’d really need to love Bing’s images to install its desktop program in order to get an image for your Window’s desktop. However, the desktop program does come with a search interface that includes news, images, topics in the search bar. There is a download link for US, Canada and 5 other countries.

“Bing Desktop marries the beauty of Bing’s daily homepage with a quick and convenient search interface so you don’t have to open our browser to start a search session or get the latest headlines. Every day, the Windows Desktop Background will automatically refresh to a high resolution version of the day’s home page, drawn from the images Bing uses around the world.”.

It’s an interesting take, but desktop search programs fell out of fashion years ago. People like their browsers.