Noodle Tools to help educators

Noodle Tools has created a series of “information literacy modules” to help teachers at all levels in the school system introduce their students to tools and evaluative criteria. Show Me Literacy modules have been prepared for elementary, middle, and university levels.  It’s strictly click and read – at least the free version – and the content is basic.  This could be fine for absolute beginners.

Internet Schools has just recommended it – NoodleTools Provides Its Show Me Information Literacy Modules Free (Dec 13, 2012)

Noodle Tools has been helping searchers for many years, most notably with its guide on search tools to use.  But this type of guide requires frequent review and updates which the Noodle page has not received. It’s time for Noodle to drop directories – they aren’t being funded, and to remove the dead or dying links. The concept is still good, but the page needs work.


Bing changes image search

Bing has revamped its image search to provide sharper photos, and make more of a show of related searches. There are several options for filtering results, and Bing is strong in offering suggestions for related searches. The source of the image isn’t obvious at first glance  – open the image and look to the bottom of the page to see the url.

Search for anna hummingbrid at Bing (Dec 18, 2012)

Bing’s image search results

Click on an image to get more suggestions, similar images, and the url and reference to the source.

Image search at Bing - single image

If you click on “Show Larger”, there is a slide-show treatment – wonderful for viewing photos of birds, flowers, and all things beautiful.

See Bing Updates Image Design Again: Dim Background, Faster Load Speed & More  by Barry Shwartz, Search Engine Land (Dec 18) for specifics and screenshots of what Bing Image Search used to be.