Tidbits of the Day

As the Internet World turns.

Microsoft is moving all Messenger(instant messaging) users to Skype. Makes sense since Microsoft owns both and they do largely the same thing in providing  chat in text, audio, and video forms.  Microsoft to kill the Messenger on March 15 (CNet, Jan 9)

Linked In has 200 million users from 200 countries and territories who collectively work in 19 languages.  The LinkedIn Blog post,  200 Million Members! , has an infographic for the numbers and relates some of the success stories of its members.

Bulletin to all scrabble players, the most frequently used letters are ETAOIN SRHLDCU.  Peter Norvig at Google analyzed Google Books Ngrams data on  the number of times each word is mentioned in books Google has digitized to figure out word counts, word lengths, frequent use.  Norvig presents all the data in his article, English Letter Frequency Counts: Mayzner Revisited or ETAOIN SRHLDCU.

How do you think Google and Facebook make money?  Survey shows that Americans are Confused – (Marketing Land, Jan 9)  Harris Interactive ran a study for The Search Agency to find out what people know.  I’m not surprised that  only 54% of Facebook users said they thought  they knew. I’m disappointed that the study didn’t probe to find out in what ways users think Facebook makes money. People knew more about search engines – with 75% pointing to advertising.  But results also suggest high distrust – “more than one-third of American online adults believe that search engines sell users’ personal data to marketers; 29% believe that companies pay annual dues for use; and 20% believe that users pay for premium search features.” (from press release)