Is Google Uncompetitive?

In Europe, Mr Almunia, the head of the European Union’s antitrust regulatory body is convinced that Google is giving preference to its own properties in search results especially for news, maps, shopping, and he intends to investigate fully. Foundem, a shopping search engine in the UK, is also very upset and is finally suing Google for anti-competitive conduct.  Google faced these complaints in the United States also, but just last week the FTC ruled  there wasn’t enough factual evidence to prove “search bias”.

The latest posting by Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land – EU Antitrust Chief: Google “Diverting Traffic” & Will Be Forced To Change (Jan 10) – is an entry point to many reports about anti-trust complaints against Google.

The Guardian has a recap of the issues – Google set for Brussels showdown (Jan 10)

Behind the Results Count at Google

The count of results at Google can be very misleading – what logically should go down may go up.  This can be the case between a search phrase with quotation marks and without.  We  expect more results if just looking for keywords anywhere, and less if looking for an exact phrase. This posting from Barry Schwartz for Search Engine Roundtable – Google’s Database Tiers – Searching Deeper  – explains why the reverse can happen.

The answer is because Google will often search deeper into their index to find more relevant matches when you use quotation marks in your search. When you do not use quotation marks, Google doesn’t always search into deeper index tiers.

Spotlight on Yahoo Finance

Yahoo, lest we forget, is very strong in finance. As we learn in this Bloomberg video- Yahoo’s Big Business, people in the finance community use it  as well as their Bloomberg terminals, and  individual investors both sophisticated and novice go to it..

The Head of Yahoo Finance, Aaron Task, described features and future for Yahoo Finance. He summarized that Yahoo Finance does well at aggregating information for news and research, providing own analysis, personalizing the selection and presentation, and providing mobile access.  It has much more than stock quotes.