Evernote vs OneNote

Such wealth – we have two excellent tools for taking notes, saving links, saving web clips and images, adding videos – whatever we think or want to note down – and do so with any internet-connected device we are have at hand.  It’s the battle between Evernote and Microsoft’s OneNote. Both let you keep your notes “in the cloud”. Both help you format and organize your notes. They also both support sharing.You’ll probably want both.


Evernote says “remember everything”. The main site has good orientation guides and videos where you can see its many uses and benefits.

You might already have Microsoft’s OneNote as part of your Office application. See how to deploy it and make best use of it at the Microsoft OneNote site.

This comparison by function may help —  Evernote vs. OneNote: Note-Taking Apps Showdown (TechHive, Jan 30, 2012)  FYI, they both won –

Going category by category, Evenote wins five to four, but since note-taking and information organization are such personal tasks, any one of those categories may sway you toward one or the other.

MakeUseOf.com has several reviews of both tools:

10 Awesome OneNote Tips You Should Be Using All The Time [Windows]
(Aug 21, 2012) Saikat Basu loves both:

The showdown will continue, so for the sake of productivity and peace, let’s say that both are great note-taking apps with their pros and cons. I use both, as and when the purpose dictates it. And I have come to love both because they have made me more organized with my note-taking.

Get Creative With Evernote: 10 Unique Uses You Haven’t Thought Of
by Nancy Messieh (Jan 12, 2013)

Do You Need More Evernote Use Ideas? Here Are 3 Ways I Use It by Jessica Cam Wong (June 5, 2012)

There are also very good videos on both at YouTube to help you choose.