Searching Chrome History

This might be handy – extension that enables searching the text of the web pages in Chrome’s browsing history.

How to search the full text of web pages in your Chrome browsing history with Falcon, Ian Paul, PCWorld (Sep 23)

Finding a website in your browsing history is easy if you know the title of the webpage or site. But if all you remember is the general topic, things get a little harder to find. There’s a new Chrome extension called Falcon that attempts to solve this problem.

VPN and the Opera Browser

People concerned about privacy online might want to  check this news that the  Opera browser has a built-in virtual private network (VPN).

Opera browser now has a built-in VPN, and it’s powered by this Toronto company, CanTech Letter (Sept 20)

Oslo-based browser company Opera Software has implemented a free VPN directly in Opera 40, allowing users to create secure connections to one of Opera’s five global servers, located in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Singapore, and the Netherlands, to choose their location while using the Internet.

Not mentioned in this announcement is that a Chinese consortium bought the mobile and desktop versions of the browser in July. Chinese consortium buys Opera browser for $600 mn (July 18) – Hmm – something to watch.

Opera browser sold

The Opera browser developed in Norway has been bought by a Chinese consortium.

Chinese consortium buys Opera browser for $600 mn, (Jul 18)

The consortium led by Golden Brick Silk Road will purchase the mobile and desktop versions of the internet browser, plus performance and privacy apps and a stake in a Chinese joint venture, but not the advertising, games and television units, said Opera Software in a statement to the Oslo stock exchange.

Chrome Shortcuts

Shortcuts, if you can remember them, save time.  You’ll have no trouble picking three shortcuts to use with the Chrome browser from CNE — 21 Chrome shortcuts you need to know by Matt Elliott.

Mac users, use the Command key; Windows user, use CTRL.

Three I’ve picked as a Windows user:

  • CTRL W – close a tab – much easier than clicking on the tiny x. Then CTRL Shift T – reopen the last closed tab
  • Backspace – go back a page rather than clicking on back arrow. (Tho I couldn’t get shift-backspace to work for going forward).
  • CTRL L – go to address bar to enter new url

Cortana-Edge-Bing integration

Microsoft has taken some action to limit users of Cortana, the digital assistant in Windows 10, to using the Edge browser and Bing search engine. These three are tightly integrated – something that may very well annoy people.

Danny SUllivan writes about it in Microsoft blocks Google Chrome & other browsers from Cortana in latest Windows 10 release, Search Engine Land (Apr 28). Sullivan offers a way to hack the search engine setting, but it still seems pretty locked down. Competing digital assistants – Google Now, Apple’s Siri, etc – do the same.

Firefox’s control center

If you are concerned about privacy when browsing, it will be worth while reading about the control center in the Firefox browser regarding protection against tracking and adjusting permissions.

Control Center – manage site privacy and security controls

The Control Center panel opens when you click the Site Info button button in the address bar. It lets you manage security and privacy settings for a website in one place. Use the Control Center to view information about a site and to make choices about site permissions, trackers or insecure content.