Cortana-Edge-Bing integration

Microsoft has taken some action to limit users of Cortana, the digital assistant in Windows 10, to using the Edge browser and Bing search engine. These three are tightly integrated – something that may very well annoy people.

Danny SUllivan writes about it in Microsoft blocks Google Chrome & other browsers from Cortana in latest Windows 10 release, Search Engine Land (Apr 28). Sullivan offers a way to hack the search engine setting, but it still seems pretty locked down. Competing digital assistants – Google Now, Apple’s Siri, etc – do the same.

Firefox’s control center

If you are concerned about privacy when browsing, it will be worth while reading about the control center in the Firefox browser regarding protection against tracking and adjusting permissions.

Control Center – manage site privacy and security controls

The Control Center panel opens when you click the Site Info button button in the address bar. It lets you manage security and privacy settings for a website in one place. Use the Control Center to view information about a site and to make choices about site permissions, trackers or insecure content.

New Brave Software Browser

There’s still more than can be done to make browsing easier, safer, and the ads more enjoyable. Brave Software is working on it.

Mozilla cofounder Brendan Eich’s startup, Brave, launches browser for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Jordan Novet, VB (Jan 20)

Brave is the latest new browser for early adopters to try. Last year, former Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner launched the Vivaldi browser in beta. And in launching Windows 10, Microsoft rolled out Edge, its answer to popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox and its Internet Explorer successor. Neither of these is tackling the complexity of digital advertising in the way Brave is, however.