Evernote’s Search Operators

If you’ve been using Evernote a lot to capture and save content, you’ll need to quick ways to search. This article shows how to use the advanced search operators.

How to find anything in Evernote: 6 advanced search tips, by Alex Castle, PCWorld (Jul 14)

Instead, hone in on what you’re looking for using Evernote’s advanced search operators. These modifiers let you find notes based on where or when they were created, which notebook they’re filed in, or even what type of media they contain. Here are the most useful operators for narrowing your searches.

Google+ Online Photo Tools

Google has added strong  tools to Google + for online photo editing. Stephen Shankland describes them as sophisticated and responsive.  Tools are only available through Chrome. I wonder what this will mean for Picasa?

Google+ gets sophisticated array of photo editing tools
by Stephen Shankland, CNet (Sep 12)

The new tools open up a wide range of fine-tuning possibilities for the sort of person who might use consumer photo-editing tools like iPhoto or Photoshop Elements. You can tweak Google’s auto-enhance editing choices, edit the entire photo or selected parts of it, and apply a number of highly customizable filter effects.