Google+ Online Photo Tools

Google has added strong  tools to Google + for online photo editing. Stephen Shankland describes them as sophisticated and responsive.  Tools are only available through Chrome. I wonder what this will mean for Picasa?

Google+ gets sophisticated array of photo editing tools
by Stephen Shankland, CNet (Sep 12)

The new tools open up a wide range of fine-tuning possibilities for the sort of person who might use consumer photo-editing tools like iPhoto or Photoshop Elements. You can tweak Google’s auto-enhance editing choices, edit the entire photo or selected parts of it, and apply a number of highly customizable filter effects.

Faceoff in note tools

Faceoff: Google Keep, Microsoft One Note, Evernote – and the winner is!  You’ll know before reading the article, but the analysis is excellent for presenting the value of all of these as productivity tools.

Google Keep vs. OneNote vs. Evernote: We name the note-app winner by Tony Bradley, PCWorld (Mar 27)

  • pricing
  • platforms and ecosystem
  • organization
  • rich media
  • text editing – OneNote won this round
  • business features
  • data management

Google Releases Keep for Notes

Google has introduced a new note keeper and named it Keep. It’s an Android App and is available on the Web and will likely integrate with everything Google in time.  Casey Newton at CNet has some how-to advice here – Get started with Google Keep.

Some may remember that Google had a Notebook application that it closed in 2009 (though I guess it lingered for a while).  Really odd  that Google would introduce a new application right after enraging so many users by closing Google Reader.

Keep will be pushing into Evernote’s market of note taking users.

The service will feel familiar to users of Evernote, the note-taking service and self-described “external brain” that has more than 45 million registered users. (Business Insider wasted no time in labeling Keep an “Evernote killer.”) Evernote also focuses on making it easy to create and search notes; it has brought its service to an impressive number of platforms.

More articles everywhere but this one from Time magazine  by Jared Newman describes the functions supported  — Google Keep: Worth Trying, with Caution

Google Toolbox

This article in PCWorld introduces 20  tools (or tricks) for searching Google in privacy, and using Youtube, Gmail, Google Drive. See Ultimate Google toolbox: 20 tips, tricks, and hacks

  • Startpage from Ixquick is mentioned as a way to search privately at Google – yes – but know that it’s not a Google interface.
  • Of interest are tips about YouTube – there is a Chrome extension that will hide the ads!
  • There’s an email game you can play with GMail — “It’s basically an alternative interface for Gmail that shows you only one message at a time and challenges you to reply in a timely fashion.”
  • Do a lot more with Google Drive – including send a fax.
  • Play a game with Google Maps – but you have to get the hang of the cursor.