Bing for specific niches

Don’t think of Bing as a web search engine you don’t use: think of it as a platform you could use across Microsoft products and especially in MS mobile apps and Windows 8.

How Microsoft is differentiating Bing’s search service, BY GADJO CARDENAS SEVILLA, WHATSYOURTECH.CA vis Calgary Herald (Jan 28)

More recently, Bing’s portfolio of products has expanded into apps and services like Bing Maps, Bing Translator , Bing Weather and Bing News and Sports. …

This categorizing of search into specific niches allows for better targeting of intended users. On the web, these specialized sections and Windows 8 apps , manage to feel friendlier, more user targeted and lifestyle oriented.

Google Now in Chrome – soon

Soon we’ll be able to get Google Now notifications in the Chrome browser.

Richer Google Now notification system arriving in Chrome by Stephen Shankland, CNet (Jan 31)

The function gets a computer’s location, makes a request to a Google server based on that location, then shows the resulting notification “cards.” That will give Chrome and Chrome OS Android’s capability to show personalized alerts about weather, upcoming appointments and travel, nearby restaurants, and whatever else Google adds to its Now technology

Guide to using IFTTT

If This Then That -   — The Ultimate IFTTT Guide: Use the Web’s Most Powerful Tool. (Oct 10) by Albert Martinez at MakeUseOf.

The point is to use IFTTT to automate tasks at the computer in which you want one task – like having a photo you shoot with Instagram be automatically added to Dropbox. That is the example provided in this guide.

IFTTT has nearly 70 channels that include Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Youtube, SoundCloud, Dropbox, Evernote, Pocket.

Guide has a quickstart set of instructions for creating “recipes”, and provides many examples. Can use this to set up an email reminder to pay your rent – if this then maybe you can automatically send the bank transfer.

Predictive Search

Soon the search tool will be anticipating what we want to know and send the answer to us. This is the promise of Google Now, an app for mobile devices.

Used To Searching For Content? Now, Content Searches For You by Barbara Starr, Search Engine Land (Aug 15)

Google knows enough about location and your interests to predict the question and display a  Google Now answer card. Technology for entity analysis that underlies Knowledge Graph is the base for this as well. This may change the game for search, design, and SEO. Websitedesigners are advised  to:

  • Mark up as much content as you can

  • Ensure you leverage authorship status and publisher information in Google

  • Mark up information even in advance.


About Google Now

Google Now is making inroads onto all mobile devices as a intelligent digital assistant.

“Google wants to tell you what you need to know “now,” quickly and accurately. It works by turning natural language queries — speaking to computer as if to another human — into precise answers delivered from Google’s servers.”

Of course, the more it knows about you through GMail, your searches, your location – and more – the better it will be able to anticipate your need.

Dan Farber at CNet Google: The future of search is Now (May 3)

A Cnet video describes using Google Now on Android Jelly Bean – all voice activated – and of course Google Now learns from what you ask for. Knowledge Graph with its information packages is tied into this as is your Web Search History.

New – Google is referred to as “the Goo” – guess this is like Mr MaGoo.

Google Now is available for iOS devices – iPhones and iPads.

There was also a mention in CNet that a desktop version of Google Now might replace the retired iGoogle through a Chrome browser extension (April 22).

TechCrunch describes upcoming changes to Chrome, and some current features, as of May 23. Google Adds Notification Center And Rich Notifications To Chrome Beta 28, Will Work Even When The Browser Is Closed

Facts and Figures about Internet Use 2013

It’s good to step back from our daily lives on the Internet to see a bigger picture. This article by Marisa Wong directs us to three presentations containing facts and figures that document the dramatic change to commerce and our lives due to the Internet.

Mary Meeker’s State of the Internet: Good, Bad or Somewhere In-Between? (Slideshare, May 29)

Mary Meeker’s slide show on Internet Trends (May 29) has a lot to do with devices, Internet traffic, and commercial use. There is continuing rapid growth in users outside of the United States, and tsunami level increases in content – photos, video, sharing. Google reigns as most used property, and Facebook as most used social media. Mobile is 15% of Internet traffic and projected to be 30% in 2014. Several are using Internet delivery to re-imagine their services.

Mitch Joel delivers some shocking facts, among them –.

  • Fact: “Google’s advertising revenue is bigger than that of the entire US print industry.”
  • Fact: “74% of businesses don’t have a plan to stay competitive in the new mobile world.”

Is your business or association re-imagining business in a mobile world?