Bing Video Search

Skip Youtube, try Bing’s video search. Bing seems to have done to video search, what it did to image search – groupings and gorgeous design. It is terrific.  Look for the ribbon across the top and the related topics on the right.  Great previews and instant play.

Bing overhauls video search, puts Google’s offering on its toes, Nick Statt, CNet (Sep 4)

First and foremost, Bing has updated its key pop-out preview feature that reduces the need to travel directly to a site by adding in additional volume and playback controls. It also now features more identifiable video origin markers — be it YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, and so on — and added in playback quality and number of views. Aspects like playback quality are also now built into Bing’s filter system.



Google Toolbox

This article in PCWorld introduces 20  tools (or tricks) for searching Google in privacy, and using Youtube, Gmail, Google Drive. See Ultimate Google toolbox: 20 tips, tricks, and hacks

  • Startpage from Ixquick is mentioned as a way to search privately at Google – yes – but know that it’s not a Google interface.
  • Of interest are tips about YouTube – there is a Chrome extension that will hide the ads!
  • There’s an email game you can play with GMail — “It’s basically an alternative interface for Gmail that shows you only one message at a time and challenges you to reply in a timely fashion.”
  • Do a lot more with Google Drive – including send a fax.
  • Play a game with Google Maps – but you have to get the hang of the cursor.

AOL partners with Blinkx for AOL Video Search

Blinkx Replaces Truveo To Power AOL Video Search, Erick Schonfeld, Techcrunch (Feb 13)

AOL has retired Truveo, the video seach engine it acquired in 2006, and is switching its video search to the British video search Blinkx.

Of interest: “Of course, most people search for videos on Google, not blinkx. And somehow YouTube always seems to turn up as the top video results on Google. If your videos aren’t on YouTube, they are sort of invisible. But if they are on YouTube, you have to cut them in on the ad revenues. So media companies are trying to push video viewers to their own sites through deals like the one AOL just did with blinkx.”