Maps of England and Wales from the 1840s to the 1950s.

For history buffs of England and Wales – brought to you by National Library of Scotland.

Reference: The National Library of Scotland Now Offers Free Online Access to Historic Maps Covering all of England and Wales, Gary Price, infodocket (Mar 25)

Get the Ordnance Survey Maps at

Ordnance Survey Map – Matlock Bridge. From National Library of Scotland

Travel through Google Maps

New guide from MakeUseOf shows how to use Google Maps for travel: decide the itinerary, figure out where to stay, consider transit, and generally explore.

Be Your Own Travel Guide: 7 Tips To Travel Smarter With Google Maps by Ryan Dube, MakeUseOf  (Sept 26)

Google Maps provides solutions for all the issues you face when planning a major trip. In this article, I’m going to walk you through the ways you can use Google Maps to plan every aspect of your next big trip, starting with hotel reservations, all the way to predicting the weather, and planning out your transit routes. Once you’re done here, there will be no unfortunate surprises left to ruin your dream vacation.

Yahoo Maps Refreshed

Yahoo is not completely ignoring maps. It  added more information to Yahoo Maps: Flickr images, public transit routing, aerial images, and fresh look.

Surprise: Yahoo Maps Gets A Facelift, New Features, Greg Sterling, Search Engine Land (Sep 25)

Data comes from NAVREQ – now Nokia-Here.

Yahoo Maps has a search nearby feature for US maps (which Google Maps dropped).  This is not work in Canada (although there is a link to “find nearby”).

In Toronto we see:

  • the Flickr images for photos taken in the area – I live near High Park and get to enjoy many photos.
  • Traffic on the main roads.
  • Transit

The aerial / satellite views are good in US maps, but blurry and unuseable in Canada.

Yahoo Maps - view of Toronto

Yahoo Maps – view of Toronto

Crowdsourcing online maps

Mapping, Wikipedia style with thousands of contributors, has been building steam. Last January this GiGaom article headlined – With 1M contributors OpenStreetMap claims most detailed maps in some countries (Jan 28)   The maps for  England, Russia and Germany may have “greater accuracy” than rivals such as Google Maps”

Steve Coast, who founded OpenStreetMap, has moved to Telenav which has been  contributing to OSM for some time. But now it has plans to use OSM data. Kevin Fitchard reported in his article, The Advantages of Crowdsourced Maps (Bloomberg BusinessWeek (Sept 16)) that ” OSM will eventually become the sole map data source for its [Telenav] consumer navigation software, starting with the browser-based version of Scout and then moving to its smartphone apps.”

Telenav is definitely taking a pioneering stance by eschewing paid maps for open-source maps, but it’s safe to say crowdsourcing is delving its way deeply into proprietary maps as well. Every time we switch on Google Maps, Scout, or Here, we’re making their maps better.

What’s going to be particularly interesting to watch is when that crowdsourcing moves out of our phones into the car itself. As vehicles become more connected, they’ll not only be able to contribute to the map; they will also be able to offer up much more information than our smartphones’ current complement of sensors could ever provide.


For Toronto, see this OpenStreetMap  for Textile Museum of Canada and area  – – pick a lunch spot for your visit.