Google Search Staff Changes

Amit Singhal, Google’s Senior Vice President of Search, is stepping down after 15 years with Google, to do more in philanthropy and have time for family.

Amit Singhal, The Head Of Google Search, To Leave The Company For Philanthropic Purposes, Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Land

John Giannandrea is the new head of search. He had created MetaWeb, which Google acquired in 2010 and used as the basis for Knowledge Graph. Expect to see further emphasis on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Meet Google’s new search king, Jillian D’Onfro, Business Insider (Feb 3)

Three top search engines

For people new to using general web search engines this article is good overview of the main players: Google, Bing, and Duckduckgo. Yahoo and Ask are mentioned and dismissed – rightfully so.

Which Search Engine Should You Be Using Today?, Ben Stegner, Make Use Of (Dec 11, 2015)

In reviewing Google, Stegner stresses personalized search and doesn’t describe Google’s increasing strength in working with entities and concepts. However, he does note some points of weakness in Bing compared to Google.

Searching Google’s Country Versions

Google is making it harder to search country versions of its databases other than your own.

Google Drops Change Location Search Filter From Search Results, Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Land (Dec 1)

Schwartz reported, ” A Google spokesperson told us this feature was intentionally removed last week. Google said, “it was getting very little usage, so we’re focusing on other features.””

Which I find infuriating. Low use for removing a feature is not a good reason.


There is still the Chrome extension for SEO Global search.

For general use, try Disconnect – – it ensures anonymity and you can adjust the country.

Future of search as seen by Google

In the speculations about the future, web search and Google are sure to be on the agenda. At the Futuropolis conference in France, Behshad Behzadi, director of search innovation at Google’s Zurich lab, revealed Google’s goal — “The future of search is to try to build the ultimate personal assistant.”

The 4 things Google believes are key to the future of search, Chris O’Brien, VentureLink (Nov 30)

He identified four aspects for rapid change – all of which are underway now.

  1. voice search – linked to natural language
  2. use of context to get better results
  3. location based searches especially for mobile
  4. personal information and many supportive features.