Interview with Tara Calishain

Two search experts converse: Robert Berkman at Best of the Business Web interviewed Tara Calishain, search mavin extraordinaire of ResearchBuzz. Tara comments on the state of web search, the need for a podcast search engine (yes please – or a directory), and her trusted sources.

A Conversation with Tara Calishain of ResearchBuzz (Nov 3)

This month we have chosen Tara Calishain, the creator and editor of ResearchBuzz, one of our favorite blogs for doing better online research. We chose ResearchBuzz as one of our September 2015 Best of the Business Web selections, describing it as “lively, fun and extremely informative.”

Searching out Capitalization

Learn more about search strategies from Dan Russell in his description of approaches taken to Answer: Why all the crazy capital letters? (Aug 25)

Fascinating reading, especially if you have wondered, as I have, why writers in the 1930s and earlier capitalized so many words in documents and correspondence. Uppercase adds importance especially to topics, anything related to religion, positions, titles. However, today the rule is to limit capitalization.

New from Mary Ellen Bates

Searchers will be interested in the two new slideshows Mary Ellen Bates has posted at SlideShare in advance of sessions Web Search University in September 2015. Excellent.

Social Media Gains Respectability – primer on the value, how to use, how to search, and how to protect privacy.

Competitive Intelligence for non CIers – what it is, how to do it. Has strategies and tools.