A new education paradigm

Some synergies to the Microsoft – LinkedIn union are beginning to show in the area of education.  LinkedIn owns Lynda, a source of many courses for acquiring skills – and of course Microsoft delivers skills building courses. Much more might be made of this.

Education looms big in shared dreams of LinkedIn, Microsoft by Zara Kessler, Bloomberg News via Seattle Times (July 5)

With LinkedIn’s data at hand, Microsoft could control the currently fragmented corporate-training market, education consultant Michael Feldstein suggested to Quartz. On-the-job training has changed, with the employer now “pushing the training cost back onto the employee, in a sense, and demanding more evidence of work-readiness at the point of hire,” said Jeff Strohl, director of research at the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.

There are new educational paradigms emerging. It won’t mean the end of university undergraduate degrees, but it will but more onus on the individual to take on self-training and acquire a few badges to build skills and show initiative and persistence.

Demise of Google+

I tired of Google+ very early – found it too complicated and not something I needed. And now it is one more item on the list of failed Google products. However, I am sorry for the many who came to depend on it. With Google products, it’s not a good idea to become too attached. Think of the Google newsreader, Google notebooks, Google news archive ….

Inside the failure of Google+, a very expensive attempt to unseat Facebook, Seth Fiegerman, Mashable (Aug 2)

New Facebook Search

Facebook users will want to know about the changes in Facebook Search – but don’t look for any local results.

New Facebook Search: Local Ignored Again — Big Mistake by Greg Sterling, Search Engine Land (Dec 8)

It’s available in US English for the PC and mobile app for the time being. Users can now search Facebook for posts by friends or people/entities that they follow. The results are personalized.

Users can only search for what they can already see on the site. The exception is hashtags. Facebook Search will allow anyone to search for particular hashtags and see results from outside their networks.

Searching Social with Mary Ellen Bates

Mary Ellen Bates  has tips for Seriously Searching Social in this latest slideshow presented at Websearch University, September 29. First – be reminded that online social networks are to be used strategically . She shows settings to use at Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. Next she covers the Dos and Don’ts of searching social and reviews several strategies.