New look to Twitter profile

Twitter is rolling out a Facebook-like design of user profiles – announced on the Twitter Blog – Coming soon: a whole new you, in your Twitter profile – one more thing to gussy up with a photo.

Twitter Rolls Out Its Facebook-Like Profile Redesign, Stan Schroeder, Mashable (Apr 8)

The new profile features a larger user photo and customizable header image. Twitter highlights your tweets that have the most engagement by displaying them slightly larger than the rest. You can also pin one of your tweets to the top of the page.

Twitter will look different after today: everybody freak out , by Shane Dingman, Globe and Mail (Apr 8)

But the reality is, not many people visit the profile page. Most action on Twitter is mobile, and most of that is in its app, and these changes will not affect those experiences. This is essentially a play for desktop Web, and it’s fair to say the old profile was looking a little … er, 2009-ish.

Apple Acquires Topsy Labs

Topsy, an excellent social search engine for finding and analyzing tweets, has been bought by Apple.

Topsy could help fill in Apple’s big hole — big data, Derrick Harris, GigaOm (Dec 2)

It’s all about the data – Google and Microsoft have lots, and Apple very little.

“Topsy claims its search database contains more than 475 billion tweets, videos, images, pins and other social data elements included by Twitter users in their updates.” (Source)

Bing Twitter Connection

Bing maintains its strong connection with Twitter to support its social search.

Bing Renews Its Firehose Deal With Twitter, TechCrunch (Nov 1)

Unlike Google, Bing has made social search a cornerstone of its strategy. Its close relationship with Facebook has long given it the ability to highlight posts from the popular social network, as well as from Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Foursquare, Klout and other services in its social sidebar. With Bing’s latest redesign, which dropped the number of columns on its search results pages from three to two, the social sidebar now features even more prominently on the site.

Topsy adds more tweets

Topsy, the social search and analytics engine, has access to Tweets from 2010 and can provide improved statistics on search terms and phrases.

Topsy Enhances Keyword Analytics & Sentiment Tracking For All Terms, Includes Every Tweet Since July 2010, Greg Finn, Marketing Land (Aug 6)

Also note – “Another boon for marketers is the ability to input boolean operators. Items like “AND” or “site:” can be included to pull a wide array of data. This gives users the ability to see Tweets by site, Tweets by user, Tweets with/without keywords and much more. An advanced search exists to help guide those looking to input detailed queries.”

LinkedIn Search

Welcome news – LinkedIn’s New Search Aims For More Engagement With Autocomplete, Unified Results And Improved Alerts in TechCrunch.

… one of the first big overhauls that the search function has had in years, with new features including improved autocomplete and suggested phrasing by way of a new algorithm; unified searches across different product categories; and an improved ability to save searches.

Twitter with Prismatic – a powerful duo

Google’s rejection of RSS (closing Google Reader and  the RSS extension for Chrome) may drive some users to Twitter.  Mathew Ingram calls The Death of Google Reader Is a Social News Win (Bloomberg Businessweek, Mar 15).

Ingram switched to Twitter some time ago, building Twitter lists into topics, and enjoying the social side, specifically the insights into who tweeted and retweeted.

So it’s not just that Twitter is good at delivering real-time news—when it is, in my experience, as good or better than an RSS reader. It is also particularly good at attaching meaning to that news, by the combination of people who tweet or retweet a link or a piece of information. That does as much to help me appreciate the significance of a story as a single post or scoop, and likely more.

He mentioned Prismatic ( as a tool for news streams and recommendations. This April 3 2012 New York Times blog posting – Prismatic Hopes to Create a New Category of Social News — describes it as “a new social news discovery site, [that] hopes to help by allowing people to delve into topics, through algorithms that read the content being shared on social media.”