Bing and TripAdvisor

Great – use Bing for travel searches and get TripAdvisor content.

Bing Integrates TripAdvisor Tools, Content Into Search Results, Greg Sterling, Search Engine Land (Nov 21)

Bing will now display TripAdvisor reviews and photos as well as TripAdvisor’s hotel price comparison tool in SERPs. TripAdvisor’s full content library including restaurants, hotels and attractions will reportedly be available to Bing.

For example, on my search for Palm Springs, Bing gives me:

  • wikipedia
  • tripadvisor with access to over 47,000 reviews

Google has:

  • – again
  • wikipedia
  • and in 7th spot tripadvisor

Good as the placement is in Bing, I will likely search tripadvisor directly.

Travel through Google Maps

New guide from MakeUseOf shows how to use Google Maps for travel: decide the itinerary, figure out where to stay, consider transit, and generally explore.

Be Your Own Travel Guide: 7 Tips To Travel Smarter With Google Maps by Ryan Dube, MakeUseOf  (Sept 26)

Google Maps provides solutions for all the issues you face when planning a major trip. In this article, I’m going to walk you through the ways you can use Google Maps to plan every aspect of your next big trip, starting with hotel reservations, all the way to predicting the weather, and planning out your transit routes. Once you’re done here, there will be no unfortunate surprises left to ruin your dream vacation.

Expedia will run Travelocity’s search

Expedia will be the search engine for Travelocity – similar to the Bing / Yahoo deal. It’s being called a partnership, but it might be a merger.

How Expedia Took Out Travelocity by Justin Bachman, Bloomberg BusinessWeek (Aug 26)

Matt McGee at Search Engine Land predicts that Travelocity will become an Expedia affiliate, and I predict it will wither away.

Travelocity-Expedia Deal Gives Travel Search Its Yahoo-Bing Moment

Consolidation in online travel industry

The online travel industry is consolidating. This New York Times article – Fewer, Bigger Travel Sites (Apr 29) – reports that Priceline is buying Kayak (air and hotel), and Expedia acquired the German Trivago (hotel search).

Current rankings:

“In March, Expedia ranked second after TripAdvisor, with Priceline third among the top 10 online travel agencies and search sites, for the “number of unique visitors,” according to comScore, which tracks visitors to travel and other types of Web sites. In March, TripAdvisor had nearly 20.95 million visitors, followed closely by Expedia with 20.92 million, and Priceline had 17.45 million. Network ranked eighth with 8.94 million visitors, with Trivago Sites ranking 248th with 142,000. Online travel agencies make money through online advertising more than through transactions, Mr. Harteveldt said. “

More about Frommers

Why did Google sell Frommer’s back to Arthur Frommer? Because it had already milked it for social media contacts.

Google sold Frommer’s Travel — but kept all the social media data by Jeff John Roberts, (Apr 9)

As Skift reported Tuesday, Google handed over the company to founder Arthur Frommer sans social media accounts. In other words, Google is keeping all of the followers that Frommer’s accrued on Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest. These thousands — or more likely millions — of accounts are valuable because they represent a huge collection of serious travel enthusiasts.

Frommers independent again

Good news – Arthur Frommer, long-time travel guide, has acquired rights to the Frommer travel content from Google according to the Boston GLobe.

Arthur Frommer gets Frommer brand back from Google

The whole affairs was bizarre from the beginning. Google bought from Wiley, supposedly to support its own entry into travel, and then didn’t use particularly well. Good that it is back in the hands of Arthur and daughter, Pauline, and all their devoted readers, and out of Google Plus or wherever Google put it.

“Google confirmed in an email Wednesday night that the brand was returned to its founder, but added that the travel content it had acquired from Frommer’s and Wiley had been integrated into various Google services such as Google Plus.”

WikiVoyage for Travellers

If you have some spare time, travel a lot, and would like to write, Wikipedia could have a venue for you. It has opened a new travel site – WikiVoyage

Wikipedia’s travel site’s official launch coming soon; what to expect and not expect (Skift, Jan 9) tells us that it is to be used by people planning their travel or on the road but not be a travel magazine, directory to sites, chat board and several other things.  There are more don’ts than dos.