Custom Search from the Browser

Speed up searches at individual sites or at a selected search engine directly from your browser.  Chrome and Firefox are especially well suited for creating custom searches.

Five Custom Searches You Should Enable In Your Browser Right Now by Whitson Gordon, LifeHacker (Dec 28)

“These custom searches are very easy to set up. In Chrome, just right-click on the address bar and choose “Edit Search Engines.” You can edit existing ones or add your own, giving them a name, URL, and a keyword that you’ll type to initiate the search (like the example of lh above. Firefox users just need to create a bookmark with the necessary name, URL, and keyword, and it’ll work like a custom search engine when you type that keyword into your browser.”

Armed with that knowledge, follow the examples given in the posting of setting up custom searches on date ranges, particular topics, dictionaries, favourite sites.