Customizing Search Choice with Soovle

If you like a customized page of search engines rather than dealing with bookmarks (or your memory), Soovle might be the tool for you. Pick your tool, then search.  Soovle starts with a basic set of Yahoo, Google, Bing, Amazon, YouTube,, Wikipedia. You can changes these or add more from an engines list that includes Russian and Chinese.  I don’t see a way  to add an engine that is not on the Soovle list.

Soovle search page

  • As you enter keywords, Soovle fills the screen with suggested queries and shows the top result.  (Doesn’t show well in Firefox.)
  • You can save your search queries.
  • The saved search box has a link to Google Trends – another way to explore the topic or analyze the keywords.
  • Soovle picks up the history of queries for the day done at the engines. (Cannot think of a good use for this.)

Soovle simply directs the search to the target engine. It doesn’t bypass any personalization  that Google or Bing might apply.

Soovle was reviewed in Better Searches on the Internet with Soovle by Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter (Dec 22)