Automating social media search

Social Searcher, the social search engine, released version 2 of its API for “social search and media monitoring”.

Request real time search results in unified format from 9 social networks: Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Flickr, Dailymotion, Vimeo. Query syntax supports exact phrase search, minus keywords and OR operators.

See full description in the blog posting. Free trial available.

Demise of Google+

I tired of Google+ very early – found it too complicated and not something I needed. And now it is one more item on the list of failed Google products. However, I am sorry for the many who came to depend on it. With Google products, it’s not a good idea to become too attached. Think of the Google newsreader, Google notebooks, Google news archive ….

Inside the failure of Google+, a very expensive attempt to unseat Facebook, Seth Fiegerman, Mashable (Aug 2)

Managing search history

Do you want to keep your search history or not?

If you want to remove all or part of the search history Google kept follow instructions at How To Delete Google’s Search History (from Ubergizmo)

To track what you visit you could use the new app Fetching ( . Use the tool to search and tag your saved pages.

Fetching is fully automatic via a browser plug-in that runs in the background. Just like your browser history — only better. You don’t need to do anything to keep track of everything. Safari, Chrome and Firefox are all supported.

Graphiq – Data visualization engine

Graphiq Search is described as a “data visualization or knowledge graph search engine”, meaning that it displays charts related to the query.

Graphiq Search: FindTheBest Becomes Knowledge Graph Engine by Greg Sterling, Search Engine Land (Aug 11)

“Using a huge volume of data sources, automation and human editorial oversight, the company says that it has created “the world’s deepest and most interconnected Knowledge Graph, featuring 1,000 collections, 1 billion entities, 120 billion attributes, and 25 billion curated relationships.””

It has a good depth of knowledge for the United States that it has extracted from a variety of databases. Anything outside the U.S. is weaker. Still, it can provide pages of “country facts” such as this one on Canada.

Graphiq Search Engine result for Canada

Graphiq Search Engine result for Canada

It encourages browsing through Topics and a page of what is Trending, as well as through the sheer variety of data and displays. It’s a bit like a rabbit hole – you’ll be jumping from one slide to the next comparing data.

Hulbee – new alternative search engine

Announcements of new search engines are rare. From Switzerland comes a new search engine called Hulbee that promises privacy in searching (away from prying eyes in the USA) and semantic understanding of query and results.

“Leveraging semantic search algorithms, Hulbee provides users with a means to find what they’re looking for, even when they’re unsure of the precise phrase or term to input.”

Hulbee Launches Only Privacy-First Search Engine Secure From NSA, EU And Data Miners – PRNewswire (Aug 5)

“Unlike other search engines, which deliver results based of what’s most often searched, Hulbee is based on semantic search, which focuses on the meaning of the word and on various themes associated with it. After sifting through data in 33 languages, the Hulbee search engine presents a collection of words presented in colorful thematic tiles on the screen, giving users a broad range of choices rather than just the most popular selections.”

It’s attractive and seems serviceable for finding relevant search results. It had sufficient depth for the query I tried for Ontario history. People needing an alternate search engine might explore this.

The tiles display Hulbee’s view of concepts (described as a word cloud) . Word clouds have nearly disappeared from search, and I’m glad to see Hulbee revive this as an aid for refining the query. Don’t be unnerved, though, if you see an ad in the panel of concept tiles on the left.

Hulbee Search Engine

Hulbee Search Engine

Image database seems limited at this time but it does have controls for size, color, style, face, and aspect.

Translator on the menubar will be handy for anyone working in multiple languages.

Other collections are video and music. The shopping vertical is definitely meant for Europeans.

More push for “right to be forgotten”

Russia and China are introducing “right to be forgotten” legislation by which indviduals can ask for information involving them to be removed. It could become a quagmire and has signiticant implications for historical record.

The Right to Be Forgotten Becomes a Critical Issue for the Internet’s Future by Nancy K. Herther, Newbreaks (Aug 4)

Daphne Keller (a former Google employee) writes in a blog post for The Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School that the ruling represents an ill wind for hosting services such as “the Twitters, Facebooks and YouTubes of the world—not to mention European hosting services like DailyMotion, local political discussion forums, and blogs or newspapers with user comment sections. And it matters to Internet users, because the way the ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ plays out for these services will have a very real effect on our ability to speak freely and find information online.”