Millie from Northern Light

BestBizNewsletter from BestBizWeb for January 2016 featured a service from Northern Light. I haven’t seen mention of this firm that once offered a leading search engine for eons. Northern Light still provides market intelligence and  industry information to its clients.

Millie – – is free.

This site curates and aggregates substantive industry news from around the Web and provides a powerful search and filtering interface to sort, refine, and analyze search results. Industries covered include agribusiness, chemicals, financial services, food & beverage, healthcare, IT and life sciences.

New Brave Software Browser

There’s still more than can be done to make browsing easier, safer, and the ads more enjoyable. Brave Software is working on it.

Mozilla cofounder Brendan Eich’s startup, Brave, launches browser for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Jordan Novet, VB (Jan 20)

Brave is the latest new browser for early adopters to try. Last year, former Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner launched the Vivaldi browser in beta. And in launching Windows 10, Microsoft rolled out Edge, its answer to popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox and its Internet Explorer successor. Neither of these is tackling the complexity of digital advertising in the way Brave is, however.

Reverse image search

Useful  “how to” from Ann Smarty on using reverse image search and why you would want to.

How To Use Reverse Image Search Search Engine People (jan 5)

These days I use reverse image search on a daily basis. At times it has been an introduction to awesome media I never would have known about otherwise. In other instances I have found some truly useful tutorials and learning videos, such as Photoshop demonstrations and lifehacks.