Much About Blekko’s Slashtags

Blekko is the slashtag engine. Its main strength (apart from blocking spam) is the topical treatment through slashtags for filtering results.  For example, if you were searching for vegetarian diets, you’d be wise to limit to the /vegetarian slashtag – eg breakfast/vegetarian.

This posting about 10 Blekko Secrets at  Search Engine People (Dec ) is a mini-guide to using slashtags well. Blekko might recommend a slashtag, but you can also use directories to locate them. In fact there is even a tag for it — /directory.

I didn’t know that slashtags are described – just as any true classifier will create a scope note for a category, so will a Blekko slashtag maker. These can be viewed by combining a slashtag with the additional tag /view — such as in this given example — /small business/view.

There is more about Blekko search in the article.