Much about Facebook Graph Search

The Internet is abuzz with news about Facebook’s new Graph Search  for people, photos, places and interests across subscribers’ networks.  At present, this is only available by invitation in the United States, but many have seen enough to describe it and run some screencasts.

Facebook Search for People, Places, Things

Facebook Search for People, Places, Things

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, announced the new search –

““We are not indexing the Web,” Zuckerberg said. “We are indexing our map of the [social] graph.” Users can navigate through the 240 billion photos on the network, the trillions of user “likes,” and the connections between users. But they can only see content that users have specified as either public and/or viewable to others in their network. Users “want a search tool that can help you get access to things that people have just shared with you,” Zuckerberg said.”

[Source: Facebook Radically Revamps Its Search Engine by Brad Stone (Business Week Jan 15) – page links to several related articles.]

Examples of questions – restaurants friends in San Francisco like, movies any friends have liked, music liked by people who like John Lennon.

Where there are no results, Facebook pulls in Bing for a web search.

Matt Miller speaking at Bloomberg found it couldn’t handle a lot of questions yet.  (VideoFacebook’s New Graph Search ‘Has a Long Way to Go’ 2:13 min) Good for finding pictures of friends and the restaurants and music they like, not so good for details. He agreed with the interviewer it could be good for dating, and concluded that he had too much information in the public domain.

Reuters Video at Globe and Mail shows how it works Facebook unveils new search functionality  and points out that it may threaten services such as Yelp, and maybe Google (likely Google Plus).

Danny Sullivan delivered a full description with screenshots in
Up Close With Facebook Graph Search  (Search Engine Land Jan 15)

Steve Ladurantaye, Globe and Mail,  takes us inside a Facebook Search in Inside a new Facebook search – the good, the bad and the creepy (Jan 16)

Tip: “Canadians are also eligible to join the beta testing, provided their language preference is set to “American English.””

Think about Facebook’s Graph Search  the next time you “like” anything or upload a photo.