Privatelee Searching

If you have been shocked by an advertisement popping up that relates directly to something you were researching (whether for shopping or not), you will want to look at Privatelee, a new search engine that says it does not set trackable cookies or store your IP address.

Press release What your readers can do to ensure their Internet searches are kept private (August 2013) has an infographic showing how cookies on your computer contribute to building a profile about you. Did you know – “Most sites set multiple cookies on your PC, many of those are intended to track you. They are like tracking beacons that help advertising companies track you across the web.”?

Artiicle describes the role of search engines  in creating that profile  – it may be anonymous, but it is stlll your profile.

There are only 5 search engines that offer  privacy.  This list of Private Search Engines  compares Privatelee to DuckDuckGo,, Startpage, Ixquick.

Privatelee ( has a very simple interface for searching web and images. There is also Popular – which seems to be stories from Reddit.

There are shortcuts for running searches  at Google or Bing: get results from those engines without the tracking. Users can set search to country of preference.

The chevron to the right of a result opens to sharing, saving, shortening, translating, and – of interest – a safety assessment of the page from Google.

Search results page from Privatelee

Search results page from Privatelee