BBC Recipes

The BBC decision  to remove 11,000 recipes from its website reminds us of the ephermeral nature of web content and the consequences.

BBC unveils shake-up of online services including recipes website, BBC (May 17) — “The BBC has announced that a number of websites, including BBC Food and Newsbeat, are to close as part of plans to save £15m.”

UK Web Archive blog reported that it will archive the recipes from the food pages — Saving BBC Recipes Website (May 17).  So will three other archiving services: Internet Archive, Library of Alexandria and the National Library of Iceland.

BBC announced the next day (May 18) that it would move most of the content to BBCGoodFood, its commercial food site. Publishers are not happy. BBC’s recipes U-turn is a cynical move, say its rivals observed the Guardian (May 18)

Mike Jeffs at Branded3 looked at the change from another point of view — How will removing BBC recipes affect search? Other recipe sites will rank more highly in searches especially on niche items.    BBCGoodFood which already has had larger visibility than the BBC food section will gain 1.8 million keywords to optimize on.

Wayback Machine at 240 Billion URLS

Internet Archive - Wayback MachineInternet Archive - Wayback Machine

Good news from the Internet Archive – its Wayback Machine for archived web pages now contains 240 billion urls for web pages from late 1996 to early December 2012. This adds up to 5 petabytes of data. The Wayback Machine is an excellent research tool for historical research.

Wayback Machine Now Has 240 Billion URLs by Gary Price at Search Engine Land (Jan 14)

Other points:

  • Some of the oldest content is still in the old system – must search it separately until everything is brought into the new system.
  • Internet Archive has received $ 1 million to buy more storage.
  • A portion of the archive is keyword searchable through the fee-based Archive-It. It has 5 billion urls from public collections.