Viewing The Google Cache

Use cache at Google to see a copy of the page as Google indexed it. Quickly access Google cached pages in Chrome (Nicole Cozma, CNet, Feb 15) tells us why (mainly because the page you click through to doesn’t seem to have your search terms, or the webpage is not available), and where to look.

For where to look – mouseover that double chevron on the right of a search result to get the page preview – you can do that in any browser. But in Chrome, you can also use the address bar and put cache: in front of the URL. Digital Inspiration has a short video to demo this. People using other browsers can also use cache: but put the query in the Google search box, not the address bar.

Check the Cache

The value of viewing the cache at Google for a view of the indexed page really registered with me on this search. I was looking for biographical information about a Canadian author – and finding very little. This query got a good hit from the Archives of Ontario as we can see in screenshot of the snippet below, but the actual page blocked my access. This is, by the way, an example of “invisible web”, where the information is buried in a database – you need to know the database. But Google had indexed it and a click on cache revealed it.

Remember to mouseover the chevrons on the right of a search result to see the preview and find the link to cache.

Google search showing preview and cache

Using Cache at Google