Chrome Shortcuts

Shortcuts, if you can remember them, save time.  You’ll have no trouble picking three shortcuts to use with the Chrome browser from CNE — 21 Chrome shortcuts you need to know by Matt Elliott.

Mac users, use the Command key; Windows user, use CTRL.

Three I’ve picked as a Windows user:

  • CTRL W – close a tab – much easier than clicking on the tiny x. Then CTRL Shift T – reopen the last closed tab
  • Backspace – go back a page rather than clicking on back arrow. (Tho I couldn’t get shift-backspace to work for going forward).
  • CTRL L – go to address bar to enter new url

Privacy Check Tool

Here’s a quick check to do before clicking on “I agree”  to those long, dense user agreements. This tool converts the legalize  to understandable English.

PrivacyCheck Offers Free Tool to Analyze Privacy Policies, University of Texas (May 5)

The Center for Identity, a research organization at The University of Texas at Austin, today released PrivacyCheck, a free browser extension that scans privacy policies online and illustrates the risk of sharing personal data with any given company. Currently available for Chrome users, PrivacyCheck gives users a simple, fast way to make informed decisions about privacy.

Reader Mode for Chrome

The designers of the Chrome browser are experimenting with a reader-mode button that will make a web page more readable on both mobile and desktop. Hallelujah – an antidote to cluttered pages with crazy fonts, boxes, and ads.

Google is working on a Chrome reading mode, try it out, Jessica Condiit, EnGadget (Feb 25)

Posting has instructions on how to activate this using the DOM Distiller in Chrome.

There is also the Readability app.