Chrome custom search

Use the Chrome address bar for running specialized searches by setting up own custom search engines. This goes beyond adding a favourite site to search such as IMdb. This article shows how to set up very specific tools such as Google Translate, Yahoo Finance, Facebook search, whois, and many more.

How To Create Custom Search Engines In Google Chrome To Boost Productivity by Mahesh Mohan, Minterest (Nov 7, 2013)

Chrome’s incognito search

There are some features in the Chrome browser you’ll want to know about.

Google Chrome’s top 10 hidden features by Daniel Johnson, The Telegraph

“From the iPad interface to quick calculations, Daniel Johnson brings you 10 of Google Chrome’s best hidden features.”

Especially note incognito mode:

if you are concerned about privacy and the amount of information collected by Google when you are browsing, incognito mode stops Chrome from storing information about the websites you have visited. It still has your bookmarks but the sites you visit will not be stored in your browser history.

Use CTRL-Shift-N to open an incognito window.

Google Now in Chrome – soon

Soon we’ll be able to get Google Now notifications in the Chrome browser.

Richer Google Now notification system arriving in Chrome by Stephen Shankland, CNet (Jan 31)

The function gets a computer’s location, makes a request to a Google server based on that location, then shows the resulting notification “cards.” That will give Chrome and Chrome OS Android’s capability to show personalized alerts about weather, upcoming appointments and travel, nearby restaurants, and whatever else Google adds to its Now technology

Chrome turns 5

Chrome, the browser, is five years old now, and has 17% of the US market. It runs on everything – Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. It’s now seen as fast, simple, stable, reliable, and very progressive. Furthermore, Google is making money from it.

Stick a candle on it: Chrome turns 5, Seth Rosenblatt, Cnet (Sep 2)

“When users have been using Chrome, it tends to drive Web usage up, so it’s display ads too, not just search ads. And it’s a driver of Google Apps,” said Sundar Pichai, the senior vice president in charge of Chrome, in a 2012 interview. Although Pichai wouldn’t confirm it at the time, it’s likely that Google’s Traffic Acquisition Costs, the amount of revenue it must share with partners, goes down as more people use Chrome.

Browser News

Three updates on browsers from CNet

Newer IE versions found to be dramatically more reliable by Stephen Shankland (Aug 20)

Internet Explorer 10 has the lowest error rate – a mere .05% – ever – meaning that it is much less crash prone to what it was.

“Comparing the latest versions of major desktop browsers, Safari 6 is the worst, with a 0.2 percent error rate. Next comes Opera 12 at 0.08 percent, then IE10. “Chrome 27 and Firefox 22 have virtually nonexistent error rates,” Nguyen said.”

Chrome update introduces reset button by Seth Rosenblatt (Aug 20)

Firefox added a reset button – now Chrome has to remove personalizations except for themes, bookmarks, and apps. (Although I have to ask, “what’s left”?”

There is also a change to the Omnibox search which now includes more of your personal information in its search suggestions

Firefox updates amp up social side, and more, by Seth Rosenblatt, Aug 6

Share through Firefox directly – desktop or Android – “Firefox for Windows, Mac, and Linux now offers a Share button. The icon looks like a paper airplane and allows people to share the Web site they’re on with several services, including Facebook. It leverages the recent Social API to bring a bit of a mobile browser feature to desktops.”

OneFeed in Chrome Browser for Personal Portal

Google may have abandoned iGoogle, but the Chrome browser people know that people like to have a personal portal. One Feed will produce the “ultimate social dashboard”. Will take some time to set up, but Rick Broida suggests it has lots to offer.

Add custom news and alerts to new tabs in Google Chrome, Rick Broida (Jul 25)

… if you really want to amp up Chrome’s tab acumen, install OneFeed. It turns new tabs (that is, those you open by clicking the new-tab button or pressing Ctrl-T) into a personalized portal, a page stocked with news feeds, e-mail notifications, social-network updates, and more.

About Google Now

Google Now is making inroads onto all mobile devices as a intelligent digital assistant.

“Google wants to tell you what you need to know “now,” quickly and accurately. It works by turning natural language queries — speaking to computer as if to another human — into precise answers delivered from Google’s servers.”

Of course, the more it knows about you through GMail, your searches, your location – and more – the better it will be able to anticipate your need.

Dan Farber at CNet Google: The future of search is Now (May 3)

A Cnet video describes using Google Now on Android Jelly Bean – all voice activated – and of course Google Now learns from what you ask for. Knowledge Graph with its information packages is tied into this as is your Web Search History.

New – Google is referred to as “the Goo” – guess this is like Mr MaGoo.

Google Now is available for iOS devices – iPhones and iPads.

There was also a mention in CNet that a desktop version of Google Now might replace the retired iGoogle through a Chrome browser extension (April 22).

TechCrunch describes upcoming changes to Chrome, and some current features, as of May 23. Google Adds Notification Center And Rich Notifications To Chrome Beta 28, Will Work Even When The Browser Is Closed