Singhal on Google

Google’s search chief Amit Singhal described a Google search future that is mainly mobile. He spoke about – Now on Tap — a facility “which is being released as part of the latest Android mobile operating system – lets users get related information about whatever is on their handset’s screen with a single button press.”

Google search chief Amit Singhal looks to the future, Leo Kelion, BBC (Sept 29)

Image recognition is another area receiving Google’s attention. Good

Google Health Search

There is no shame today in “googling” a health condition – results are often from the top medical sites – and this is about to get better.

Google To Double The Number Of Health Conditions In Search Results Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Land (Sept 3).

Google announced they are more than doubling their health conditions database, so that when you search for health or medical topics in Google, you are more likely to find factual medical data on that condition.

I checked congestive heart failure on and was impressed at the quality of results from US and Canadian sites in the three pages. But – searchers still need to be careful to distinguish the authoritative sites from the product sites, and to thoroughly search the authoritative ones..

Google’s ranking of TLDs

What does Google do with the new TLDs? Nothing. And now it seems Google doesn’t give preferential ranking to .edu or .gov.

Google Explains How It Handles The New Top Level Domains (TLDs), Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Land (July 21)

In summary, there are no TLDs that Google finds preferential to others; they are all treated equally in rankings. There are some geo-specific TLDs that Google will default to a specific country and use that as an indicator that the website is more important in a specific geographic region. But all TLDs are treated equally.

Search turns mobile

The smartphone is changing people’s search practices and Google, in the face of a multitude of apps, is fighting to stay King of Search. Leading the charge is Amit Singhal, Google’s search chief.

Reinventing Google for a Mobile World, Conor Dougherty, New York Times (July 9)

“My job is not to just look at the trend today. My job is to look at what’s beyond the horizon,” Mr. Singhal said in the interview. “And beyond the horizon, there is so much more people can do on their devices that is not possible today.”