Another Take on Facebook’s Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search Is A Disruptive Minefield Of Unintended Consequences
by Anthony Wing Kosner, Forbes (Jan 20, 2013)

This is a thorough and skeptical examination of Facebook’s Graph Search – it may alarm people by what it exposes more than attract. Facebook’s search will not be a threat to Google – Facebook is socially personalized and Google is “contextually” personalized.

Kosner makes a perceptive distinction between Facebook and Twitter.

My Facebook friends are people I actually know. I don’t necessarily agree with (or care about) their taste in music or food or technology, but I have an affection for them that I want to maintain. On Twitter, on the other hand, I follow people who are into all of the kinds of things that I like to write about. Very few of the 374 people that I follow do I actually know in person, but that’s not the point. I consider them my “content friends.” We’re into the same stuff. They tip me off about new things way before they appear on Mashable. It’s like mainlining pure, early adopter tech intelligence. So when I use sites that filter or curate the content I see, I’m much more likely to use my Twitter account as the starting point.