How Nordstrom Uses Pinterest

Shoppers must love Pinterest, and Nordstrom, the clothing retailer in the US,  loves Pinterest because what people pin from the Nordstrom website is an indicator of demand.

Nordstrom’s Shelves, Now Stocked by Pinterest, BusinessWeek (July 2)

Plenty of companies have turned Pinterest into a de facto catalogue as a way to drive online sales. Nordstrom (JWN) is going in the other direction: stretching the image-based social network into its brick-and-mortar stores.

Social Media – Year in Review

Can we remember a time when we didn’t have  Facebook updates, LinkedIn groups, and the day recapped in  tweets – oh – and Pinterest? Social media has a firm hold in personal life, business and government. This infographic tells the story for 2012 – a story that includes the rise of Pinterest, the competition between Google+ and Facebook (who is winning?), usage in hours, numbers of people, and stock prices.

The State of Social Media 2012 by The SEO Company
The State of Social Media 2012 by The SEO Company