Pinterest in-Pin search

New and better searching at Pinterest – very “organic”. Use the zoom to bring up images that are similar.  Often these are the same image but saved to other boards, or they are similar design at an individual board.  Either way, it adds to visual searching as a search option.  Fun

Pinterest’s New Visual Search Results Won’t Have Ads, Ginny Marvin, Marketing Land (Nov 10)

The new in-Pin visual search adds an entirely new layer to discovery, and flips traditional keyword-based search on its head. It will likely have broad appeal to retailers and brands looking to reach users as they show active interest in specific items.

Pinterest at Five

Pinterest has fifty million pins across 1 billion boards and only five years old.

Pinterest Marks 5th Birthday With New Stat: 50 Billion Pins Served, Martin Beck, Search Engine Land (Mar 31)

Of interest:

  • 1.7 million recipe pins
  • 14 million articles pinned a day (guess those are the ones with images)
  • more male users – tho doesn’t say what the current percent is
  • 79 million US users – no idea of how many non-US.

Pinterest’s Guided Search

If you have some time for pictures and serendipity, this guide to using Pinterest’s Guided Search might be just the ticket.

How to get the most out of Pinterest’s Guided Search, Amy-Mae Elliott, Mashable (Feb 16)

The author says, “Guided Search is a clever yet easy way to sift through Pinterest’s 750 million boards and 30 billion pins to find what you’re looking for.” Posting has a short video and several screenshots. Can’t go astray.

Gender based search

Pinterest must believe that men live on Mars and women on Venus to introduce gender-based results. I think this will backfire. Pinterest gives suggestions based on gender at time of signup, and now skews results according to gender.

Pinterest Search Now Knows If You’re Male Or Female, Martin Beck, Marketing Land (Jan 22)

The demographic mix is important to Pinterest as it works to boost its revenue — the privately-held company launched its Promoted Pins ad product this month in the U.S. — and convince advertisers that it will be able to reach men as well.

Article gives the examples of party, shoes, and fitness. So – what should you do if you are a woman and want ideas about a party that doesn’t involve doilies and cupcakes? Add the search term – men or male.

Search Pinterest

I can see using Pinterest for searching on topics – especially high level – to find a few good sites that someone has “curated”. It is a scrapbook / bookmark kind of site – and that is its advantage.

Pinterest Evolving Into A Personalized Search Substitute, by Greg Sterling, Search Engine Land (Nov 10)

Much more than a “scrap-booking” site (its origins) or even a product discovery or shopping site, Pinterest sees itself now as a kind of personalized search site that can blend search and discovery in new and compelling ways.

Pinterest navigation

Pinterest users in the United States can be guided by Pinterest to special interests within a category – such as Outdoors page might suggest Hiking.  I don’t see this in Toronto – not rolled out yet.

Pinterest Makes It Easier to Find What Just What You’re Looking For, by Kurt Wagner, Make Use Of (Mashable)

Pinterest already offered a categories tabs where users could search for pins by more general groupings, but now, those categories include more specific interests that users can subscribe to. For example, you can follow interests like hiking, camping or running under the broader “outdoors” category. Following an interest means those pins will now appear in your feed, saving you the hassle of searching for them.

Searching for Place at Pinterest

Pinners at Pinterest don’t  just do food and fashions.  “There are now more than one billion travel Pins on Pinterest, more than 300 unique countries and territories are represented in the system, and more than four million Place Boards have been created by Pinners.”  Pinterest has added a search that will help us to quickly find those places.

Introducing a faster place search, Pinterest blog (Jun 13)

It starts with the all-purpose search box – enter the place name (Bruce Peninsula in the screenshot below). Pinterest can help you identify the country if needed.  You may also search on  a site in that place – such as city hall san francisco. Adjust the search options so that you are looking at 1) Boards, and 2) Place Boards.  Voila – the boards will give you the grand tour.

Searching for place at Pinterest

Place Boards at Pinterest about the Bruce Peninsula (in Ontario)

Pinterest in the present time

No questions – Pinterest is popular. Over 30 billion pins – talk about bookmarks!  There are more than 750 million boards (topics). Traffic comes from mobile. But what is the rate of decay? Or maybe it doesn’t matter – maybe people are following and pinning for the present moment only.

Pinterest doubles total number of pins in the past six months, now over 30 billion, Shawn Knight, TechSpot.