Syntax – Site

Always ask yourself who might have the information you seek?

Is your question related to a country?

  • If searching for the history of England, limiting the search to the uk may improve results.  site:uk history of england
  • Do you want information that is likely to be provided by a Canadian government site, association, or public institution? Use .ca for Canada. site:ca “arctic sovereignty”

Is your question related to a type of organization, such government or education? .gov will locate everything in the US government domain, and .edu  searches US educational institutions.

  • For papers and news about the fiscal cliff situation from the US government, try site:gov “fiscal cliff”

Or do you know of a particular organization or company that might have this information?  In that case, limit the search to the organization’s domain.

  • What does the United Nations have on climate change? “climate change”

There are often search forms where country can be picked from a list.


Use Google to look for information about diabetes at the Health Canada site (

Work with a combination. Search for pages that are about the battles of Gallipoli from the Australian point of view. (ie search for gallipoli in the title, battles anywhere, and .au for Australia in the domain)

Check your search construction against the syntax answer page.


Use filetype.