Syntax – Title

A very good way to narrow a search is to look for your most important search term in the title of the page.

If you are searching for information about anti-personnel land mines, the chances are better that pages that have land mines in the title will provide more in-depth treatment than if the phrase merely occurs somewhere on the page.

The title of a page is the line you see at the top of the browser window.

Screenshot showing the title tag of the document at the top of the browser.

By limiting your search to the title, you are taking aim at what the document is about. Be sure to try a few synonyms, as the author may have used different words for the same subject or different spellings: landmines instead of “land mines”.

Google and Yahoo have an advanced search form where you can stipulate a title search. But most web search engines will also accept a search command.

  • At Google, Yahoo, and Bing you can enter intitle:your-word-or-phrase; such as intitle:landmines
  • At Duckduckgo, use title:  eg title:landmines


Use Bing to search for landmines  in the title and banning anti-personnel anywhere on the page.

Check your search construction against the syntax answer page.


Limit the search to a domain or a specific site.