Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking to increase traffic thorough organic listings on Google, Yahoo and Bing then the short answer would be: Yes. The search engine optimization process should include both off page factors as well as on page factors. The goal is to have the targeted terms you want to rank for, in the highest place positions across Google,Yahoo and Bing as possible. You want to build out an authority website.

These are two completely different types of online marketing techniques. SEO is a long-term play that involves building out off page promotion areas as well as increasing quality content on the website. Typically SEO campaigns range from six months to one year. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is generally used to deliver traffic instantly and you can base your positioning on a cost per click factor. For PPC, it is recommended that a one-month to three-month test campaign be implemented.

We charge an hourly fee based on the work that is done. We cover strategy, implementation, execution and reporting for all projects. We do not offer a $99.00 solution nor do we offer gold, silver or bronze packages. All our quotes include a custom created proposals tailored to the clients needs.

We get this a lot. Since we do not own Google, Yahoo or Bing, it comes down to the competitiveness of the vertical your business is in. We work with new sites and existing ones to increase targeted keywords/key phrases across the major search engines. If you choose to run PPC we can make you number one out of the gate, but if no one is searching for the terms you want to be placed in the top positions, there really is no need to be number one. The simple answer to this question would be with another question: How long is a piece of string? There are many, many factors that need to be executed on for number 1 rankings.

If you desire to have a Fan Page just because everyone else does, you’re approaching it from the wrong perspective. A Facebook Fan Page needs a purpose behind it to increase traffic and potential sales to your business. As the aspect of social media marketing grows, this is another avenue that can deliver an untapped market for your business, it needs to be planned out.

Generally no. The work we do needs to be paid for and not prospected with. Unless we have full responsibility for every single aspect of the website from back end to front end. Due diligence and work defined in our custom proposals have kept us in paying clients for well over ten years and pay for performance has never come into the equation.

We have a core staff that maintains most if not all our client work. We have a pool of incredible talent we occasionally pull from the USA and across Canada. We do not outsource work to India, China or the Philippines.


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